Inter Milan captain Lautaro Martinez is on pace to chase down the goalscoring records in Serie A of Ciro Immobile and Gonzalo Higuain.

Italian broadcaster SportMediaset highlight the Argentine’s impressive start to the season and what it could mean for the record books, via FCInter1908.

So far this season, Martinez has scored ten goals in Serie A. He has done so in just eight matches.

After the Argentine’s four-goal haul against Salernitana a couple matches ago, he is currently scoring at a pace of more than a goal per match.

Clearly, there are question marks about whether or not Martinez can sustain this pace. The four goals against Salernitana certainly give his scoring rate a boost.

The Inter captain is on course for 48 goals by the end of the season, were he to theoretically continue scoring at his current rate. For Mediaset, this is plainly “impossible.”

And moreover, Martinez has developed something of a reputation of being a striker who goes through goal droughts.

For example, the 26-year-old failed to score against all of AC Milan, Empoli, and Sassuolo after a hot start to the season.

But on the other hand, Martinez has been Inter’s top scorer in each of the past two seasons. The Argentine can easily score at a pace necessary to bag more than twenty goals per season, and has demonstrated it.

Withthirty matches still left to go, Martinez’s usual scoring rate could take him beyond thirty goals considering the nine he’s already scored.

Lautaro Martinez Has 36 Goals Of Immobile & Higuain In His Sights

The benchmark that Martinez will naturally want to hit is 36 goals.

That remains the most goals that any one player has scored in a single Serie A season.

Gino Rossetti had hit that total all the way back in the 1928-29 season.

But in the modern era, two individual seasons have stood out.

First, Gonzalo Higuain scored 36 during the 2015-16 season, his final season for Napoli. The Argentine has always been a fairly prolific scorer, but found a new level playing under Maurizio Sarri.

And then in the 2019-20 campaign, Ciro Immobile scored the same total for Lazio.

The Italian international has led the way for goals in Serie A on four occasions. He has done so not just wearing a Biancocelesti shirt, but also at Torino.

Both Higuain and Immobile managed to reach Rossetti’s record. Neither managed to break it.

But Martinez may well be dreaming of not just equalling the 36-goal record. He could well want to reach beyond it.