Inter Milan corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello says the club will pick the faster stadium project between San Siro and Rozzano.

In 2019, Inter and Milan began working hand-in-hand on a shared project at San Siro. The Milanese giants were planning to demolish the current stadium and build a new one in its stead.

However, Milano’s superintendency placed a restriction preventing the demolition of the Giuseppe Meazza stadium due to its historic and cultural significance.

So while the mayor of Milano Giuseppe Sala is still fighting against the decision, Milan and Inter have each gone in separate ways. The Rossoneri are aiming to build a new stadium in San Donato while the Nerazzurri identified Rozzano as their new home.

Nevertheless, Inter CEO Antonello maintains a glimmer of hope for the San Siro project, saying that the club will pick the faster project.

“We listened favorably to the statements of the Milano Mayor. He said the right things but we need official acts within certain times,” said the Nerazzurri CEO in his interview with Rai News via FcInterNews.

“It is clear that Inter’s project was to have a new stadium in San Siro, but the fact remains that today we are absolutely keen on moving on with the Rozzano project.

“Time is a crucial element. So we will choose the project that will have a faster execution plan.”

Inter Milan Corporate CEO Says The Club Will Pick The Faster Stadium Project Between San Siro And Rozzano

Antonello also explained why renovating the San Siro Stadium would be an implausible project.

“Ever since we presented the San Siro reconstruction project in 2019, this hypothesis had been ruled out.

“Having an open construction site with two teams playing every three days would certainly delay the execution times.”

“We haven’t closed the San Siro dossier just yet, so the procedure is still open. On the other hand, each club is working on its own stadium project.”

Finally, the Inter CEO revealed the expected capacity of the Rozzano Stadium and the potential inauguration date.

“It will have 70 thousand seats. Today, we extended the mandate to the architects of Populous. In April we will be ready to tackle the acquisition of the area and start with the executive design of the stadium.

“We believe we can start the 2028-29 campaign in the new stadium.”