The Growth Decree will currently remain valid for Italian football despite reports to the contrary from earlier today.

This according to Italian football finance news outlet Calcio e Finanza, who report that the Council of Ministers of the Italian federal government has not changed the rules surrounding the Growth Decree tax benefits to exclude the wages of professional footballers.

Earlier today, there were reports that the Italian government had decided to scrap the Growth Decree when it comes to football.

The Growth Decree is a law that concerns workers who move residence to Italy.

The law allows for the taxation on the wages of those workers to be lower than on the wages of domestic workers.

When applied to professional footballers, this has given a clear benefit to clubs.

The Growth Decree has, for several years, allowed top Italian football clubs to sign players from outside of Italy, whilst saving on the total gross expenditure in order to pay their high net wages.

However, if the rules were to change, top clubs such as Inter, AC Milan, and Juventus would no longer benefit.

No Change – Growth Decree Still Applicable To Italian Football

A report emerged earlier today that the Council of Ministers had met yesterday and made a decision to change the rules surrounding the Growth Decree.

According to this report, the Council had scrapped the law when it comes to footballers’ wages.

But according to Calcio e Finanza, that is not actually the case.

In fact, the outlet report, the Growth Decree remains valid when it comes to the world of football.

Therefore, for example, Inter can apply it to reduce the total expenditure on the wages of French duo Marcus Thuram and Benjamin Pavard.

However, that does not mean that the Growth Decree in football is not at risk.

On the contrary, the use of the law by football clubs has opponents within Italian football.

Calcio e Finanza report that there will be meetings by the Lega Serie A tomorrow. These will be to explore ways to stop the attempts to scrap the Growth Decree in football.

For now, the law is applicable to professional athletes.

Therefore, clubs in Serie A can apply it to wage spending on players who move from abroad.

But there looks to be an ongoing battle over the matter. And the world of Italian football is on high alert that it could change. Opponents continue to push to change the rules.