Inter Milan finished in third place in the Italian Serie A last season (2022/23), which secured them UEFA Champions League football for the 2023/24 season, where they face several other European giants. 

On this page, we will be taking a closer look at the different UEFA Champions League betting battles that are going on right now at today’s most trusted online bookmakers, such as the official 10bet online sports betting site. 

Is ‘Inter Milan to win the UEFA Champions League’ a sensible bet?

There’s no doubt that Italian Serie A side Inter Milan is a European Giant when it comes to men’s professional football on the continent. 

However, when you look at the major online sports betting sites like 10bet, which have some of the most competitive 2023/24 UEFA Champions League and Serie A betting odds, Inter Milan are far from the favourites to win the tournament outright. 

For example, a total of 32 teams competing are in the Champions League, and the latest UEFA Champions League odds put them as only the ninth odds-on favourite team to win the tournament outright.

The Nerazzurri are behind Atletico Madrid, Newcastle United, Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and odds-on favourites/current reigning champions Manchester City. 

In other words, it’s not a popular bet for Inter Milan to win the Champions League. Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest actual odds, including how they appear in all three formats (decimal, fractional, and American/moneyline odds). We have also included the implied probability rate (IPR). 

What are the odds saying:

    1. Manchester City – currently have a 33.30% implied probability rate of winning, which equates to 3.00 (in the decimal odds format), 2/1 (fractional), and +200 (America/moneyline)
    2. Bayern Munich – currently have an 18.20% IPR of winning, which equates to 5.50 (decimal odds), 9/2 (fractional), and +450 (America/moneyline)
    3. Real Madrid – currently have a 13.30% IPR of winning, which equates to 7.50 (decimal odds), 13/2 (fractional), and +650 (America/moneyline)
    4. Arsenal – currently have a 10.00% IPR of winning, which equates to 10.00 (decimal odds), 9/1 (fractional), and +900 (America/moneyline)
    5. Barcelona – currently have a 9.10% IPR of winning, which equates to 11.00 (decimal odds), 10/1 (fractional), and +1,000 (America/moneyline)
    6. Paris Saint-Germain – currently have a 5.90% IPR of winning, which equates to 17.00 (decimal odds), 16/1 (fractional), and +1,600 (America/moneyline)
    7. Newcastle United – currently have a 4.80% IPR of winning, which equates to 21.00 (decimal odds), 20/1 (fractional), and +2,000 (America/moneyline)
    8. Atletico Madrid – currently have a 3.80% IPR of winning, which equates to 26.00 (decimal odds), 25/1 (fractional), and +2,500 (America/moneyline)
  • Inter Milan – currently have a 3.80% IPR of winning, which equates to 26.00 (decimal odds), 25/1 (fractional), and +2,500 (America/moneyline)
  1. Napoli – currently have a 2.90% IPR of winning, which equates to 34.00 (decimal odds), 33/1 (fractional), and +3,300 (America/moneyline)
  2. Manchester United – currently have a 2.40% IPR of winning, which equates to 41.00 (decimal odds), 40/1 (fractional), and +4,000 (America/moneyline)

In other words, it’s not looking good for Inter Milan to win the UEFA Champions League. A more sensible bet would be for them to win their group. 

How are Inter Milan doing so far in the Champions League?

After two games, they are in second place in Group D with 4 points, which puts them behind Real Sociedad who are in first place with just 1 goal difference. RB Salzburg are in third place and Benfica are bottom of the group in fourth place. 

In their first Champions League game on September 20th, they travelled away to play Real Sociedad and could only manage a 1-1 draw. Their second game on October 1st at home saw them beat Benfica 1-0. 

Their next Champions League game is at home to RB Salzburg on October 24th before they travel away to play RB Salzburg on November 8th. 

Their penultimate group stage match against Benfica away is on November 29th, and then on December 12th, they play their final 2023/24 UEFA Champions League group stage match at home to Real Sociedad. 

What are the odds of Inter Milan winning their group?

The odds of Inter Milan winning their Champions League group and progressing to the last 16 are looking much better than their overall chances of winning the tournament. It would be a much safer wager (but in no way guaranteed to return you a profit). 

For example, there’s currently a whopping 69.20% IPR of Inter Milan winning Group D and progressing to the next round.

If you were to bet on this particular market right now, you’re likely to receive average odds of around 1.44 (decimal), 4/9 (fractional) or -225 (American/moneyline). 

Popular bets 

Some of the other most popular UEFA Champions League bets being battled over right now are the outright winner, group winner, and top goalscorer markets. 

More specifically, Manchester City to win the tournament outright is a popular bet, and Erling Haaland/Harry Kane/Jude Bellingham/Kylian Mbappe/Mathys Tel to be the top goalscorer.

Popular group stage winner bets are Bayern Munich (Group A), Arsenal (Group B), Real Madrid (Group C), Inter Milan (Group D), Atletico Madrid (Group E), Newcastle United/PSG (Group F), Manchester City (Group G), and Barcelona (Group H).