Juventus have finally given up on their final Calciopoli appeal to strip Inter Milan of the 2005-06 Serie A title.

FCInterNews report that the Bianconeri have formally withdrawn their appeal to both seek financial compensation and have the Nerazzurri’s Serie A title from the scandal-ridden season taken away, with club President Gianluca Ferrero signing the necessary document.

The Calciopoli scandal in Italian football hardly needs any introduction.

In 2006, investigators found evidence of corruption in Italian football, including in Serie A. Among the most serious charges included extensive tampering with referees during the period.

A number of top flight clubs suffered sanctions for their involvement in the scandal.

But it was Juventus who faced the harshest punishment of all.

The Bianconeri were relegated to Serie B for the start of the 2006-07 campaign. They also had the the 2004-05 and 2005-06 Serie A titles stripped of them.

The title for the 2004-05 season title was not assigned. But for the 2005-06 campaign, Inter retroactively won the title as the team with the highest points total in the table once all the sporting punishments were applied.

Juventus Withdraw Final Calciopoli Appeal To Strip Inter Of 2005-06 Serie A Title

Over the years, Juventus have fought against their punishment from the Calciopoli scandal.

There have been several high-profile appeals to various governing bodies.

However, in all cases, the authorities have firmly rejected the Bianconeri’s appeals.

In October, Juventus decided not to appeal a 2016 ruling that denied them financial compensation from a Regional Administrative Court.

This appeal had been to award almost €444 million in “unjust damages” that resulted from the sporting punishments.

The Bianconeri had also appealed to remove the 2005-06 Serie A title from Inter. And a further appeal of the decision was scheduled for this morning.

But according to FCIN, Juventus have withdrawn it. They have submitted the documentation to give up on their last line of appeal.

This ends the lengthy saga that followed from the Calciopoli scandal in Italian football.