Forward Alexis Sanchez looks to be turning over a new leaf at Inter Milan.

This is the view in today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper La Repubblica, via FCInterNews. The newspaper observe the Chilean’s reaction to being substituted off against Red Bull Salzburg in the Champions League.

When Sanchez re-joined Inter during the summer transfer window, it always looked clear that he was being brought back as a backup option rather than a starter.

There was little doubt that Lautaro Martinez and Marcus Thuram would be the two players to be first-choice in attack.

But, La Repubblica notes, Sanchez always seemed to be aware of this fact.

During the Chilean’s first spell at Inter, that backup role had sometimes caused problems.

Particularly during the 2021-22 season, Sanchez didn’t hide his discontent with his playing time. He grumbled about it on social media during his last campaign at Inter before this one.

There were several social media outburst. It was clear that the former Arsenal and Manchester United man did not play, he felt that he was not getting the treatment that his talent deserved.

Alexis Sanchez Turning Over A New Leaf At Inter

But As La Repubblica notes, there was absolutely nothing like that after Sanchez came off the pitch as a substitute against Salzburg on Tuesday.

Rather, the Chilean seemed to accept the decision of coach Simone Inaghi with patience.

Sanchez did get his chance, and he took it. The 34-year-old found the back of the net for the match’s only goal.

But now, Sanchez appears to accept that he does not have to start all the time.

The Chilean trusts that he will get his chance to shine. And then when he does, it’s up to him to make the most of it.

And when Sanchez doesn’t play, he’ll accept that as well.