A coordinated high press, focus on wide areas, and doubling up on Romelu Lukaku will be key to Inter Milan’s tactical approach against Roma in tomorrow evening’s Serie A match.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews.

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi is finalizing his plans for tomorrow’s match.

Roma are certainly one of the more formidable teams the Nerazzurri will face in Serie A. Therefore, the Nerazzurri coach is carefully devising his tactical ideas for tomorrow’s match.

And according to the Gazzetta, there are three key aspects to Inzaghi’s preparations.

Pressing High & Stopping Lukaku – Inter Tactical Approach Vs Roma

According to the Gazzetta, Inter coach Inzaghi intends to have his team press fairly high.

The coach sees disrupting the Giallorossi’s buildup as an important facet.

However, Inzaghi is also wary of the risk of leaving much space for Roma to attack on the counter.

Therefore, the coach is aiming to get the balance right, and have his team pick the right moments in which to step up without leaving themselves exposed at the back.

The Gazzetta also reports that Inzaghi sees the wingbacks as key in tomorrow’s match.

Both of Inter and Roma play with a 3-5-2 shape. Therefore, the wide battle will be key to which of the two teams is able to control the space and create threat in behind.

As such, a lot of Inzaghi’s preparations for tomorrow’s match have focused on these areas.

Lastly, the Gazzetta note, stopping striker Lukaku will be key for Inter.

Particularly given that Roma are without some key players like Paulo Dybala and Lorenzo Pellegrini, the Belgian will be the main focal point of their attack.

And Inzaghi intends to therefore have his team double up on the Belgian.

Francesco Acerbi will start the match in defense. But it will not just be the 35-year-old marking Lukaku.

Rather, the Gazzetta note, Alessandro Bastoni will also have significant responsibilities in keeping track of the Belgian.