Napoli coach Rudi Garcia doesn’t agree with the assertion by Roma coach Jose Mourinho that Inter Milan are far and away the strongest team in Serie A.

Speaking in a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s match between the Partneopei and AC Milan, as reported by FCInterNews, the French tactician stressed that it will be the pitch that shows which team is the best in the Italian top flight.

This week, Roma coach Mourinho asserted that Inter are by far the strongest team in Serie A.

The Portuguese argued ahead of his team’s clash with the Nerazzurri that there is a real gulf in quality.

Mourinho even suggested that Inter’s quality means that they should be able to win the title by a very large margin.

There is a sense that partly this remark was just Mourinho playing mind games. It would not be the first time from the Giallorossi and former Inter, Real Madrid, and Chelsea coach.

But on the other hand, the sentiment that Inter are the strongest team in Serie A by a significant degree is not an uncommon one.

The overall strength of the Inter squad has been used as an argument for this assertion. And the Nerazzurri’s start to the current campaign has also borne the idea out.

Even with a couple of missteps before the last international break, Inter still top the Serie A table.

Napoli Coach Garcia Disagrees With Mourinho Assertion About Inter

Garcia was asked about the remark by Mourinho, but had little interest in such talk.

“That has nothing to do with tomorrow’s match,” the French coach said.

“I’m happy to answer any questions about Napoli-Milan.”

“We’re still not even a quarter of the way through the season,” Garcia made clear.

“Everything is still left to be done. The pitch will show who’s really the best.”