Inter Milan and Roma have each received minor fines in regards to Sunday’s Serie A clash – but no fines for whistles at Romelu Lukaku.

This is confirmed by the official list of sanctions from the Sporting Justice in Italy for the matchday ten round of fixtures., via FCInterNews.

There was some controversy surrounding the use of whistles by Inter fans to show their disapproval of Roma striker Lukaku on his return to the San Siro.

The Curva Nord had announced their intention to distribute the whistles weeks in advance of the match.

Then, in the couple of days leading up to the fixture, the authorities decided to ban the use of the whistles.

This reportedly came in response to a request for the Giallorossi. However, the capital club denied that they had specifically requested a ban of the whistles.

In any event, the authorities made the ban clear.

However, this did not mean that many whistles did not end up entering the stadium.

Therefore, there were certainly whistles audible on the occasions when Lukaku was involved in play.

No Fines For Inter For Whistles At Romelu Lukaku

Given the ban, there was perhaps some risk that Inter could incur a sizable fine or other sporting sanctions due to the audible whistling during Sunday’s match.

Or at least that was what some speculation suggests.

However, the Sporting Judge have rendered their verdict. There is no specific fine for the whistling of Lukaku.

Rather, there is a €5000 fine for “insulting chants directed at an opposition player.”

It can be reasonably presumed that this fine is in response to chants that fans in the stadium aimed at Lukaku.

However, the Sporting Justice does not mention the Belgian by name. Nor does it mention the whistles at all, or give Inter a sanction.

Meanwhile, Roma are also hit with a minor fine in regards to Sunday’s match.

The Sporting Justice has decided to fine the Giallorossi €3000 for delaying kickoff of the second half.

The Roma players were around three minutes late to return to the pitch.