Inter Milan have already all but qualified for the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup in the USA based on their Champions League performances.

Italian news outlet note how the Nerazzurri may already be in based on their place in the UEFA rankings.

The Club World Cup in the US in 2025 will feature twelve teams from Europe.

As the Gazzetta note, the criteria for inclusion is based on the ranking of team’s performances in the Champions League over the four seasons leading into the competition.

First of all, the four winners of Europe’s top club knockout competition will all automatically be in.

In other words, all of Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Manchester City have all definitely qualified.

And then, it will be down to the rest of the rankings of the teams who have not qualified by winning the Champions League.

Moreover, no more than two teams from any individual league can qualify for the competition, unless through winning the Champions League.

So for example, with Manchester City and Chelsea already in, the only way that a third English team could reach the competition would be if one of Arsenal, Newcastle United, or Manchester United were to win the Champions League outright this season.

Inter May Already Have Booked Their Spot In Club World Cup

And in terms of Italian teams, Inter look to be well in front.

The Nerazzurri have seventy points in FIFA’s ranking system. And they have 65 in UEFA’s.

This is far more than any other teams from Serie A.

Therefore, it looks to only be a matter of a formality before the Nerazzurri ensure their place at the 2025 Club World Cup.

And in fact, depending on exactly which qualifying system FIFA go with, they may already be there.

And then, it will be down to three teams to book a place alongside Inter.

Those are Juventus, AC Milan, and Napoli.

The Bianconeri are currently ahead. But the problem for them is that they are not in this season’s Champions League.

Therefore, if either the Rossoneri or the Partenopei were to catch up, they would join Inter.