Former Inter Milan defender Daniele Adani believes that striker Marcus Thuram has “perfect” movement in and around the penalty area.

Speaking on the Instagram account of FC24, via FCInterNews, Adani gave his thoughts on the French Nerazzurri striker.

When Thuram arrived at Inter during the summer transfer window, one of the big questions was whether or not he could play as an out-and-out centre-forward.

During his time at Borussia Monchengladbach, the 26-year-old had started the play there.

Particularly in his final season in the Bundesliga, Thuram proved his prowess as a goalscorer.

Still, centre-forward is not the position where Thuram had played for most of his career.

The Frenchman had largely played on the wing or as more of a versatile attacking threat.

This meant that Thuram was necessarily a player with extensive experience playing close to the opposition goal.

Therefore, there may have been questions about whether or not the 26-year-old will have really honed his instincts in those areas.

Adani Hails Marcus Thuram For Movement In Penalty Area

So far this season, however, it would be fair to say that Thuram has answered those questions.

The Frenchman didn’t get off to a fast start in terms of his goalscoring.

It took three matches before Thuram got his first in an Inter shirt, opening the scoring against Fiorentina.

But ever since then, the striker has scored at a very consistent rate.

Thuram has scored five times so far for Inter. And there is a feeling that he’s only getting started.

Moreover, the 26-year-old has shown a real propensity for unlocking matches with his goals.

There are many qualities that make Thuram a threat in front of goals. His speed, explosiveness, first touch, dribbling, and finishing technique certainly don’t hurt.

But instincts and intelligence in terms of movement have been just as important.

Adani gave his thoughts on Thuram’s goal against Roma over the weekend.

“The long ball from Asllani is perfect,” he noted. “Then Dimarco takes it down brilliantly and puts a great ball into the centre of the area.”

“But then the Frenchman has to be there to finish.”

“He makes perfect movements as a striker,” Adani said of Thuram. “He arrives at the exact right moment, decisive.”