Finnish billionaire Thomas Zilliacus believes that he could become a minority shareholder at Inter Milan even if he doesn’t buy the club outright.

Zilliacus spoke to Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport in an interview published in today’s print edition, via FCInterNews.

The rumour mill hardly stops spinning when it comes to potential changes of ownership at Inter.

And one of the names that has arisen as a possible candidate to take over at the Nerazzurri in recent months is Finnish businessman Zilliacus.

The Finn has not hidden his intentions. He has spoken openly about having a big interest in buying Inter.

And in a recent tweet, Zilliacus claimed that he has raised significant capital from investors.

The Finnish businessman states that he has raised around €2.5 billion in total, And he says that part of this would be used to invest in Inter.

What is not clear is exactly how much of that would go towards an investment in the Nerazzurri.

Inter owners Suning would by all accounts expect a very significant offer to consider selling the club.

Reports suggest that Suning want well in excess of €1 billion. They could aim for the €1.2 billion that RedBird paid to acquire AC Milan as a benchmark.

Meanwhile, InvestCorp would reportedly be ready to offer around €1.3 billion, according to some reports.

Thomas Zilliacus Could Become Minority Shareholder At Inter

But while there have been rumours of a sale of Inter outright, there is another possibility.

Reports have long suggested that Suning are also on the lookout for a minority shareholder.

And according to Zilliacus, he would also have an interest in this possibility.

“”Possibly the Zhang family will be able to refinance the loan,” ZIlliacus speculated.

“Maybe even by finding someone to do it in their place.”

And as far as whether he could become the minority shareholder, Zilliacus said “Yes, I could even come in with 30% or 60% of shares.”

“If I worked with a team capable of making Inter the best club in the world, I wouldn’t care about the fee,” he noted.

“I don’t know what response Zhang will give me.”