Arrigo Sacchi believes that Inter Milan will need to use pressing tactics to keep the Juventus counterattack at bay.

Writing in a column in today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews, the former AC Milan coach gave his thoughts on the tactical keys to the Derby d’Italia after the break.

Inter will know what’s in store for them after the international break.

Juventus have not necessarily been an incisive possession side on their march to five straight wins in Serie A.

But what the Bianconeri do have is pace. Players like Federico Chiesa and Moise Kean have given Juventus the ability to turn defense into attack in an instant.

And in Max Allegri, Juventus have a coach who understands how to set his team up to mount very effective counters.

Therefore, Inter’s biggest task in the Derb d’Italia is likely to be stemming the effectiveness of that counterattack.

Legendary former Rossoneri coach Sacchi believes that they can do so. But he expects that they’ll need a brave, and organized approach to do so.

Arrigo Sacchi On How Inter Can Stop Juventus Counterattack

“I expect Juventus to play in the way that is traditionally associated with them,” Sacchi writes.

“They’ll focus on defense and the counterattack.”

“And I expect Inter to dry and dominate the pitch and their opponent,” the former coach continues.

“Inter’s task will be that to avoid the quick Juventus counterattacks,” Sacchi anticipates.

“How? One word: pressing.”

“It takes courage to do so, and they need to know how to keep the right distances between the lines.”

“But it’s only though pressing that you can win the ball in attacking areas,” he notes. “Cause a big problem for the opposition, counter the counterattack.”

“Simone Inzaghi, who is doing an excellent job, must avoid allowing the Bianconeri too close to Inter’s own area.”

Sacchi suggests that “Doubling up will be necessary. And there will need to be a player who goes to help his teammates, I’m thinking Hakan Calhanoglu.”