Suning are likely to reject any offer by Finnish billionaire to buy Inter Milan.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Il Giorno, via FCInterNews.

Recently, Finnish billionaire Zilliacus has given very brazen hints about his intentions.

The Finnish billionaire has stated in no uncertain terms that he intends to make an offer to buy Inter from Suning.

Naturally, Zilliacus hasn’t revealed all the details. But he has stated that he plans to put the bid in in the next week or two.

And the businessman has also made clear that he believed that he could meet Suning’s valuation for the Nerazzurri.

At least in terms of his public statements, Zilliacus appears very serious.

But there is still the matter of making an offer that Suning would accept.

And according to Il Giorno, the current Nerazzurri owners would likely reject any bit that comes in from the Finnish businessman for the time being.

Suning Would Reject Any Offer From Thomas Zilliacus To Buy Inter

In recent remarks, Zilliacus has indicated that he is ready to make an offer for Inter imminently.

Moreover, the Finn has stated clearly that he believes he can meet Suning’s valuation.

Whilst the Nerazzurri owners have no put a precise price tag on Inter, there are benchmarks.

By all accounts Suning would want at leas €1 billion to sell the club. They have reportedly used the €1.2 billion that RedBird paid to acquire AC Milan as a benchmark.

And some reports have suggested that Bahrain-based fund InvestCorp are ready to offer around €1.3 billion.

But regardless of the size of an offer, there is no guarantee that Suning would accept.

Il Giorno report that the Inter owners are still very much sticking to their plan to refinance their massive loan from Oaktree Capital.

And even if Suning were not to be able to refinance, they would prefer minority investment over selling the Nerazzurri outright.

The recent commercial deal with Qatar Airways is only the latest example of the ambitions that Inter currently have at a corporate level.

Then there are potential sources of revenue like the Club World Cup and a new stadium project.

Therefore, Suning believe that they can remain in control, Il Giorno report.

As such, even if Zilliacus calls the Nerazzurri owners with a very large offer, they would still be inclined to say “thanks, but no thanks.”