The mayor of Milano Giuseppe Sala claims Inter Milan and AC Milan would make a grave mistake by building stadiums outside the city walls.

The two Serie A giants were working on a shared project to reconstruct the San Siro Stadium.

However, their plans hit a break wall as the local authorities prevented them from demolishing the current ground due to its cultural and historical significance.

Therefore, each club has now gone in a separate direction. Inter are laying the groundwork for a new stadium in the Rozzano region. For their part, Milan have chosen the San Donato area as their new home.

Nevertheless, the city council of Milano is still desperately trying to salvage the new San Siro project.

The Milano Mayor once again reiterated his desire to keep both clubs within the city. He also suggests that leaving Milano would be a mistake on their part.

The Mayor Of Milano Giuseppe Sala Is Still Trying To Keep Inter Milan & AC Milan In The City

The City Council has agreed on a motion to summon the two clubs for further talks over the Giuseppe Meazza project.

“We will convene the teams,” said Sala on the sidelines of a press conference as reported by ANSA via FcInterNews.

“I continue to reiterate, that in my opinion. it is a mistake to leave Milano due to management problems.”

Sala also claimed that he doesn’t know anything about Inter’s new stadium project in Rozzano.