Rozzano mayor Gianni Ferretti expresses his enthusiasm about the prospect of hosting Inter Milan’s new stadium.

The Nerazzurri are gradually laying the groundwork to build their new home in the region of Rozzano.

In 2019, Inter and their crosstown rivals AC Milan launched a shared project, aiming to rebuild the San Siro Stadium.

However, their plans were derailed by a series of bureaucratic obstacles.

Furthermore, local authorities placed a restriction prohibiting the two clubs from demolishing the ground due to its historical and cultural significance.

Therefore, Inter and Milan decided to part ways with each club now pursuing its own stadium project.

For his part, the mayor of Rozzano points out that Inter’s new stadium project remains a mere idea for now.

Nevertheless, he insists that this prospect is an enticing one for the region of Rozzano.

“We met [Inter Corporate CEO Alessandro] Antonello for the first and only time at the beginning of October,” notes Ferretti in his interview with Numero Diez via Calciomercato.

“Inter informed us that they obtained pre-emption right on the ownership of the area. They were evaluating the possibility of building a stadium in Rozzano.

“At the moment, I would like to underline that it remains only an idea. Nonetheless, we have welcomed it with extreme enthusiasm.

“We have included in the PGT (Territorial Government Plan) the possibility of building the stadium in the particular area.

“For us, it would be a great opportunity and we would like to seize it. But obviously, it doesn’t depend on us exclusively. However, the availability on our part is there, has been and will be.”

Rozzano Mayor Excited About Inter Milan Stadium Project

Although Ferretti casts some doubts over AC Milan’s potential project in Sesto San Giovanni (a nearby region to Milano), he believes that keeping one club within the region of Milano could be the right path.

“In addition to Sesto, in my opinion not even Milan is out of the running yet and I believe that in the end one of the two teams could remain there.

“I believe that Inter will take into consideration a whole series of variables which could be the structures, the transport and roads.

“I believe that Rozzano is in a fairly competitive position. I don’t know what reasoning they are making for Sesto.”