Inter Milan CEO Beppe Marotta feels that the case of Christian Eriksen is emblematic of the dangerous of fixture list over-congestion.

Speaking at the Sport Industry Talk put on by the Corriere della Sera, via FCInterNews, the Nerazzurri executive warned that too many matches risks diminishing the spectacle and entertainment in football.

The number of matches that players have to participate in has become a hot topic for football in recent years.,

There is no avoiding the fact that more and more commitments have been added to the fixture list.

A league campaign is already gruelling enough.

Then the number of matches that teams play in European and domestic cup competitions adds another burden.

The fact that the Champions League is set to expand in format certainly does nothing to ease this.

And then there is the expanded Club World Cup set to take place in 2025.

That is before even taking the international game into consideration.

The issue, many believe, is that this is becoming untenable for players to handle. Physically, the amount of high-intensity matches on the agenda is taking a toll on players’ bodies.

And Marotta agrees with this assessment.

The Inter executive has experience with one player in particular who suffered in this sense.

Marotta: Christian Eriksen Case “Emblematic” Of Fixture List Over-Congestion

Former Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax and current Manchester United midfielder Eriksen had been in Inter player up until the summer of 2021.

The Dane’s departure was forced for medical reasons.

Eriksen suffered a shocking heart attack on the pitch at EURO 2020. This meant that he had to wear a cardiac implement.

Italian regulation do not allow for participation in sport for people with these implants.

In the view of Nerazzurri CEO Marotta, the demands of packed fixture lists were a contributing factor.

Speaking about the fixture lists, he remarked that “Barella played 57 club matches last season. Plus the ones that he played for the national team.”

He noted that “There There’s psychological and physical wear and tear during matches.”

“There needs to be a discussion with FIFA and UEFA to mitigate the fixture list.”

Marotta note that “The clubs bear the business risks.”

“If a player gets injured, we pay for it.”

The Inter CEO argued that “The case of Eriksen is emblematic.”

“This discussion is necessary as soon as possible. Because it’s getting to be to the detriment of the spectacle.”