Italian journalist Paolo Condo believes last weekend’s draw between Juventus and Inter Milan is emblematic of why Serie A is lagging in TV revenues.

Writing in his column in yesterday’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper La Repubblica, via FCInterNews, Condo contrasted the clash in Turin with the style of Premier League matches.

Last Sunday’s Derby d’Italia was a match with enormous hype and expectation, as well as pressure.

Matches between Inter and Juventus are always big occasions.

The Nerazzurri and the Bianconeri are certainly two of Italy’s biggest clubs. And moreover, there is a strong sense of rivalry between the pair.

Then, the fact that the two teams went into last weekend’s match in the top two positions in the Serie A table meant that there was the feeling of a potential title-decider in the air.

But the action on the pitch, in truth, didn’t really live up to the billing.

Particularly in the second half, both teams looked extremely cagey.

And in the view of Italian journalist Condo, this helps to explain why Serie A doesn’t have a massive foreign audience.

Condo: Juventus Vs Inter Clash Emblematic Of Serie A TV Revenues Lagging

Condo writes that “Last Sunday the league offered up its very best, on paper at least, in a direct match for the Scudetto.”

“Second place hosting first.”

“It wasn’t a great match,” he argues. “There was a very brief spark in the first half with Vlahovic and Lautaro scoring. Then that was it.”

“The data indicate that the Serb’s goal was Juve’s only shot on target,” Condo notes.

“Inter produced three more. But they were completely unmemorable ones.”

“Generally a lot of the criticisms focus on Max Allegri’s style of football. Rock solid defense and ruthless counterattack, a mechanism that’s ready to spring on anyone who attacks them.”

“Sure, but it’s not a good reason not to attack them,” Condo argues. “Particularly in the case of a team – Inter – who are unanimously recognized as the best team in the league.”

“Simone Inzaghi, on the other hand, made sure that when his team arrived in the Juventus half they always did so with plenty of cover behind the ball.”

“It was not enough to create a goal for 1-2. But it was enough to keep them from risking the goal for 2-1.”

“All good but… if this is the best match our league can produce, why should a German, an Arab, an American, or a Brazilian watch Serie A?” Condo poses.

“Why should foreign televisions lower their offer for the Premier League and make their offer higher for us?