Coach Simone Inzaghi has spent the past three seasons systematically eliminating flaws from his Inter Milan team.

This is the view in today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews, who praise the coach for his work since joining the Nerazzurri in 2021.

When Inzaghi took over at Inter, there were all sorts of reasons to be doubtful, or at least certain, regarding his project at the club.

For one, the team were losing key players Achraf Hakimi and Romelu Lukaku in the coach’s first summer at the helm.

And that was a theme that would continue in the transfer market for as long as Inzaghi has been in charge.

Then there was the question of whether Inzaghi would be the right man to make the step up to Inter. He had impressed with Lazio – but the Nerazzurri are a different story.

Inter showed early signs that they could thrive under Inzaghi.

The very first Serie A match that the Nerazzurri played under their current coach was a 4-0 thrashing of Genoa.

But then the cracks started to appear.

Simone Inzaghi Eliminates Flaws To Make Inter Stronger Than Ever

Perhaps the most significant issue that Inter have had during Inzaghi’s time in charge has been a struggle to balance defense and attack.

The problem has been the way that the coach’s 3-5-2 formation has left some spaces in dangerous areas.

Particularly in the channels in front of the back three, there has been an absence of protection.

Inzaghi has tried a number of approaches to create more cover in those areas.

Doubling-up from the wingbacks or midfielders has provided help. But new tactical issues have consistently emerged.

But this season, Inzaghi has seemingly found a better balance than ever.

The Nerazzurri’s shape has given them a solid defensive basis. Sunday’s clean sheet against Napoli was only the latest highly impressive performance at the back.

But at the same time, that defensive solidity has not come at the expense of the attack.

On the contrary, Inzaghi’s Inter have used their defensive base as a platform to stage ruthless, direct attacks – they are the highest scoring team in Serie A to date.

And Inzaghi has also seemingly dealt with the biggest issue from last season.

Last time around, the Nerazzurri’s real Achilles heel was consistency in the league.

More often than not Inter would rise to the occasion with performances – and frequently results – in the biggest matches.

But against the “smaller” teams Inter would often look flat.

Not so this time around. Inter have looked balanced and, barring a couple stumbles, have controlled and managed the tempo of matches expertly.

The result has been an Inter that still possesses all the strengths that were evident right from the start of Inzaghi’s time in charge.

But one which has significantly reduced the drawbacks that have held the team back in the past couple seasons.