Inter Milan midfielder Davide Frattesi had a hard-running display against Real Sociedad, but lacked a bit of finesse.

L’Interista highlight the middling scores that the Italian international received in the player ratings for the match in Italian media.

Frattesi had a tough task filling in for Nicolo Barella in midfield yesterday evening.

Barella is a key player to linking defense, midfield, and attack for the Nerazzurri with his combination of industry and technical ability.

The former was certainly something that Frattesi was able to replicate.

The 24-year-old former Sassuolo was constantly making himself an option for teammates.

And there were also some key defensive interventions from Frattesi.

Particularly, the Italian made one vital clearance from a cross from La Real’s right side.

In this sense, it was certainly a performance of quantity from Frattesi.

But what was lacking, Italian media have argued, was quality.

Quantity But Insufficient Quality From Davide Frattesi Vs Real Sociedad

Frattesi never really showed his eye for goal yesterday evening.

That has been one of the midfielder’s defining features, ever since he broke through at the Serie A level playing for Sassuolo.

Frattesi showed that with his excellent positioning and finish in the comeback draw against Benfica in Inter’s last match in the Champions League.

But there was little evidence of it yesterday. In truth, it was a reserved performance from Frattesi in the final third.

The 24-year-old did have one good chance in the 55th minute. Striker Marcus Thuram set him up.

But Frattesi didn’t have the composure.

And in the midfield battle, it was a lot more running and combativeness from Frattesi than quality.

The 24-year-old failed to show the kind of quality in tight spaces that is Barella’s hallmarks. And his passing was a bit loose as Inter looked to counterattack with precision and speed.