Milan Mayor Beppe Sala has insisted that the injunction preventing Inter Milan and AC Milan from demolishing the San Siro isn’t set in stone.

The Mayor spoke to reporters, via FCInterNews, stating that he is still awaiting a response from the clubs.

Inter and Milan have been taking active steps away from their previous stadium plans.

The two clubs had been working for several years to secure approval to demolish the San Siro and build a new stadium in its place.

But eventually, the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri lost patience with the mounting bureaucratic displays.

Both clubs see a new stadium has absolutely vital for modernizing their infrastructure and increasing revenues.

Therefore, Inter have been moving forward in the Rozzano area. And Milan are focusing on the San Donato area.

One of the things that has really pushed the clubs away from the San Siro has been an injunction against demolishing the existing stadium.

That would make the clubs’ previous plans plainly impossible.

But Milan Mayor Sala is continuing to exist that that injunction is not a done deal.

The Mayor still wants the two clubs to stay in the city limits. And he believes that there’s a chance for them to do so.

Sala: Injunction Against Demolishing San Siro Not A Done Deal

Sala said of the injunction that “I don’t think that it’s a done deal yet.”

“None of the concerned parties have found the right solution yet,” he continued.

“So no one should be taking responsibility yet,” the Milan Mayor said. “Least of all me.”

And Sala also spoke about his relationship with Inter and Milan regarding the stadium issue.

“I’ve not met Milan and Inter,” the Mayor said.

“But if they need us we’re here.”

Sala said that We have an open procedure and we’re waiting for a response from them.”