Inter Milan owners Suning are reportedly looking for new partners who can help them refinance the Oaktree loan as the interest rate continues to rise.

In May 2021, the Nerazzurri owners took a loan of 275 million euros for operational costs from the American investing group.

With the deadline looming ever closer (May 2024), Suning must find a swift solution. So will either have to pay the amount in full in addition to the interest rate, or refinance the operation.

The second solution seems to be more plausible, but it remains far from simple.

According to Tuttosport via FcInterNews, Oaktree are asking for a 25% interest rate to refinance the debt.

Therefore, the Chinese group is now seeking a new partner who can aid them on this front.

Suning have resorted to the services of Goldman Sachs to find them a group that is willing to collaborate in the refinancing project.

The source names Sixth Street and Ares Management as two companies specializing in financing football clubs enduring financial difficulties.

Inter Milan Owners Suning Are Seeking New Partners In Their Attempts To Refinance The Oaktree Loan

Moreover, the Turin-based newspaper believes that Inter will have limited horizons should they remain under Suning’s ownership.

The report notes that the Nerazzurri owners are currently more concerned with balancing the sheet rather than strengthening the club.

However, Suning aren’t willing to depart unless they receive a lucrative offer to sell the club. The group will be looking to recoup its investment, making the sale a difficult scenario at the moment.

But despite the club’s rising financial net debt (308.8 million), Inter could still prove to be a luring commodity for possible suitors.

As the source notes, the club’s success in the Champions League, the qualification to the Club World Cup and the new stadium project all boost the club’s value.