Inter Milan defender Francesco Acerbi feels that the expectation of the Nerazzurri being superior to Juventus doesn’t reflect the finances.

The 35-year-old weighed in on the spending by the two teams going head-to-head for the Serie A title whilst speaking to Italian broadcaster DAZN, via FCInterNews. He also reacted to Inter’s draw against Genoa.

Inter and Juventus are not necessarily the only two teams who could win the Serie A table from this position. There is still a long way to go in the season.

But realistically, it would take a pretty significant turnaround for any of the other teams at the top end of the table to catch up.

Inter are the team leading the way. The Nerazzurri have a five-point advantage, at least before the Bianconeri face Roma this evening.

But Inter’s draw against Genoa further underscored how fine the margins really are.

Acerbi: Juventus Spent Big, Inter Relied On Free Transfers

Inter are perhaps regarded as the favourites between the two teams at the top.

The pressure is therefore more on the Nerazzurri than it is on the Bianconeri.

But as far as Acerbi is concerned, that doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual dynamics, particular financially speaking.

“As a group, we know that we’re strong enough to compete with anyone,” Acerbi said.

“But I have remind people who say that Inter are the strongest team in the league that whilst a lot of great players arrived in the summer, just as left.”

The 35-year-old Italian international argued that “Juventus spent €200 million on players like Bremer, Chiesa and Vlahovic.”

“And we signed players on free transfers,” he added.

“Last season we had a great journey. And the Champions League final was the icing on the cake.”

“It’s a tough game, and anything can happen,” the Italian said of losing in that final against Manchester City.

“And then I have to remember, we changed a lot of players during the summer.

“Thuram, who I didn’t think could be as good as he has been. But also players like Carlos Augusto, Bisseck.”

“But Brozovic, Dzeko, Lukaku, top players including in Europe, also left,” he noted. “And we brought in players who were question marks, but who proved to be great players, partly thanks to the group that brought them in.”

“We’ve won seven away matches this season in a row, but that came to an end at this difficult away ground,” Acerbi said after drawing in Genoa.

“We knew it would be a tough match, against a team who don’t allow you to play your game,” he said.

“We had to suffer. Particularly on set pieces.”

“In the end, I think the draw was fair,” Acerbi said.