Italian journalist Riccardo Trevisani feels that Inter Milan were the best team in Serie A in 2023, and Federico Dimarco the most improved player.

Speaking to Cronachie di Spogliatoio, via FCInterNews, Trevisani also named Hakan Calhanoglu as the best player of the year in the Italian top flight.

In terms of a full season, the 2022-23 season was not a great one for Inter.

The Nerazzurri steadied the ship. But there was no hiding the inconsistency and numerous stumbles, even if the end of the campaign was a memorable one.

This season, Inter have gotten off to a very positive start.

It remains to be seen how the second half of the campaign will go, however.

But putting the two together, it’s been an encouraging year as a whole.

And in the view of Italian journalist Trevisani, no team has done better between the second half of last season, and the first of the one current going, than the Nerazzurri.

Trevisani: Inter Best Player In Serie A In 2023, Federico Dimarco Most Improved Player

As far as the best player of the year, Trevisani said “I’d say the Nerazzurri.”

“Because over the twelve months of 2023, they were better than anyone else.”

“In the first six months they reached the final of the Champions League,” Trevisani noted.

“Then in the next six months, they’ve gotten to the top of the table.”

The journalist said that “I prefer not to comment on the second six months of the Neapolitans. I don’t want to be too negative.”

And as far as individual players, Trevisani said that “The best in 2023 for me is Hakan Calhanoglu.”

“For a number of reasons,” he elaborated. “Tactics, because he managed to reinvent himself in a new position.”

“He’s become fundamental to the point that without him, Inter can’t win against Bologna’s B-team.”

“He has become an all-round player,” Trevisani said.

“Endless running, quality, positional intelligence.”

As far as the most-improved, Trevisani named “Federico Dimarco.”

“I was already a big fan of him, but I didn’t see him reaching this level.”

“Today he’s become a complete player, he has great feet.”