Former Inter Milan and Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal has hit out regarding the lack of playing time for Alexis Sanchez at the Nerazzurri.

Speaking on Twitch, via FCInterNews, the Chilean suggested that he had warned his international teammate not to return to Inter last summer.

Sanchez decided to return to Inter during the summer transfer window.

The veteran former Arsenal, Manchester United, and Barcelona forward had only left Inter twelve months earlier. He had departed via a termination of his contract with severance pay.

Sanchez had an eye-catching season at Marseille.

But then, the 34-year-old decided to come back to Inter. And the club welcomed him back.

Sanchez seemingly had “unfinished business” at the San Siro.

And Inter entrusted the Chilean as a player with a lot of experience to provide a backup to the main attacking options, as well as a different profile among the forwards.

So far this season, Sanchez has played now and then. And there have even been a couple of moments of real quality – including in the Champions League, where he has scored twice.

But on the whole, Sanchez has largely been a backup option. He has little chance of displacing Lautaro Martinez and Marcus Thuram.

Arturo Vidal Expresses Disbelief At Alexis Sanchez Lack Of Playing Time At Inter

Vidal proclaimed, “Alexis, if you’re listening to me please leave Inter.”

“He should never have went back to Inter,” the former midfielder continued. “I even told him that.”

“He should have gone to a club where he could enjoy playing. Where he could be loved by the fans.

“But he’s stubborn,” Vidal continued.

Of Martinez, Vidal called the Argentine “A good striker. But how can Alexis not play for Inter?”\

“Mkhitaryan plays and not Alexis,” he went on. “How is that possible?”

“I want to kill myself at the thought of that,” declared the ever-outspoken midfielder.

“It makes me angry, Alexis is too good for that.”

“I’d rather see him at River than at Inter,” Vidal said.

“He has to go somewhere he can play, where he can enjoy his football. Where they really want him.”

“He’s only happy if he plays, so he’s not happy.”

“And his teammates aren’t they’re better than him,” Vidal opined. “But the coach just doesn’t want him.”

“Otherwise how does he only play with nine minutes left in matches? It’s infuriating!”