Serie A refereeing designator Gianluca Rocchi was livid by some of the conspiracy theories that arose in the aftermath of Inter Milan’s clash against Hellas Verona.

Last weekend’s contest at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium witnessed a sequence of controversial events towards the end of the match.

The most debated incident was Davide Frattesi’s injury-time winner, or rather the action that preceded it.

Later footage showed Nerazzurri defender Alessandro Bastoni elbowing Verona midfielder Ondrej Duda.

Nevertheless, match official Michael Fabbri didn’t whistle a foul, while VAR Lugi Nasca never intervened.

This promoted a never-ending debate among Italy football fans and pundits, with some claiming that referees have been favoring Inter this season.

Some even came up with a conspiracy theory, claiming that Inter requested the late change in refereeing personnel, resulting in Fabbri’s appointment.

Needless to say, Serie A refereeing designator Rocchi was left fuming when a journalist brought up this notion, threatening to take legal action against whoever came up with these stories.

“The insinuations regarding the change of designation for Inter-Verona were turned over to the AIA legal office because we can’t stand this situation anymore,” said the 50-year-old during his mid-season press conference via FcInter1908.

“We hear about respect, but Nasca and Fabbri didn’t miss the penalty. I ask the clubs to have a different attitude towards referees. This is an extremely difficult job. We can’t be the gendarmerie on the pitch.

“Let’s take an example from UEFA. Those who make mistakes in Europe pay dearly.”

Gianluca Rocchi Lashes Out Against Conspiracy Theories In The Aftermath Of Inter Milan Vs Hellas Verona

Rocchi admits that match officials made some blunders in the last Serie A round. However, he insists that Italian referees are doing a solid job overall.

“Objectively speaking, we could have done better last weekend. We slipped on a couple of very avoidable banana peels.

“But overall, the first part of the season went well. We made mistakes and we’re not denying them. But there’s nothing cynical behind it.

“This season, we have brought in a group of new refs who have been put under stress every week and are doing well.

“There are some great prospects in this young group. But it is clear that when you invest in young people it takes time and faith.

“No one should believe that random shouting helps obtain better results. What should we do rather than admit mistakes?”.