Inter Milan showed that they don’t have to be the “hare” with their convincing win over Monza in Serie A yesterday.

This is the view in today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Corriere della Sera, via FCInterNews, who argue that the Nerazzurri “showed their teeth” in the 51 victory.

In a recent interview, Inter CEO Beppe Marotta claimed that the Nerazzurri are like a “hare.”

The executive’s metaphor was meant to show how the team are currently having to dodge the “bullets’ of their pursuers.

With Inter leading the way in the Serie A table, there is no shortage of pressure.

And that is particularly the case when the team are not performing at their best, as was the case in recent matches against Genoa and Hellas Verona.

Then, when there is an opportunity to attack the Nerazzurri or create controversy, an opportunity is rarely missed.

That was certainly the case in discussions around last weekend’s win over Verona. Refereeing controversy came to the fore.

There were even conspiracy theories of Inter using influence to gain favourable decisions.

For Marotta, in a situation like this, Inter have had to stay smart and alert, not succumb to distraction, and avoid these “bullets” at all costs.

No Longer The “Hare” – Inter Show Teeth Vs Monza

Against Monza yesterday, though, Inter got the chance to be more aggressive, however.

Having weathered a tough week in terms of controversy and tension, the team took it out on the pitch.

The Nerazzurri showed their style of play at its best. It was a very attack-minded match from the team, as reflected by the final 5-1 scoreline.

And Inter showed no sign of letting their heads drop.

It was ninety minutes of vindication after all the fallout of the match against Verona.

For Inter, it was the time to turn the tables and get a breather from the pressure.