Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi is becoming more charged up than ever, as a recent moment in Saturday’s win over Monza showed.

Today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Corriere della Sera, via FCInterNews, point to the coach’s reaction to a first half miss by striker Marcus Thuram as proof the Inzaghi’s growing intensity.

Inzaghi has never been a coach who’s afraid to show his emotions.

Since his time in charge of Lazio, the 47-year-old has cut an animated presence on the sidelines.

Inzaghi does not just shout instructions and give visual directions to his players.

The Inter coach tends to gesticulate and react instinctively to what he’s seeing on the pitch.

This means that Inzaghi’s slender frame moving to and fro quickly is a common sight during Nerazzurri matches.

It’s not so much that Inzaghi paces and prowls the touchline. The 47-year-old seems to channel his emotions through his movement.

Inter Coach Simone Inzaghi More Charged-Up Than Ever

It would be hard to find a better representation of Inzaghi’s touchline behaviour than his reaction to striker Thuram missing a good chance during the first half of Saturday’s win over Monza.

Inter were already 2-0 up by that point.

It is not as though the match was finely-balanced when the Frenchman failed to score.

But for Inzaghi, the scoreline almost seemed to be irrelevant.

The Inter coach followed his team moving the ball up the pitch with complete focus. And when the passing move failed to result in a goal, he reacted on instinct.

Inzaghi’s eruption of emotion summed up the kind of coach he has become on the touchline.

The 47-year-old does not exactly court controversy by antagonizing referees the way some other coaches in Serie A.

But it is never too difficult to figure out how Inzaghi is feeling, just from watching him.