Two unnamed Inter Milan players are the subject of a lawsuit regarding an alleged “privacy violation” incident at a Milan nightclub.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews.

According to reports, an incident occurred at a nightclub in Milan on the night of January 6th.

That was the night that Inter had beaten Hellas Verona in Serie A.

Two unnamed Inter players were reportedly at the Hollywood nightclub in Milan.

And a man from the Friuli region has come forward with a lawsuit alleging that those two players intimidated him and violated his privacy.

The incident reportedly took place at around 4.00 CET at the Milan nightclub.

The incident concerned the two Nerazzurri players believing that the man had been filming or taking pictures of them with his phone.

Therefore, the two players physically intimidated the man and forced him to step outside the nightclub, he alleges.

There, the players demanded to see the man’s phone.

Two Unnamed Inter Players Sued For Alleged “Privacy Violation” Incident At Nightclub

According to the Corriere, the lawsuit alleges that the two unnamed Inter players looked through the photos and social media profile of the man they had taken outside.

They were looking for photos or videos that he would have taken of them without their knowledge.

However, according to the complainant’s lawyers Francesca and Stefano Tutino, there were no such photos or videos, as the man had not taken any.

Further, the suit alleges, the Nerazzurri players had also verbally intimidated the man.

One of the two players allegedly told the man that “You know what could happen to you if you go against me.”

Then, the Inter players asked the man which team he supports.

And, the suit alleges, the players intimidated the man into declaring “Milan M*rda!”