Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi feels “indifferent” to some recent mind games by his Juventus opposite number Max Allegri.

The Nerazzurri coach spoke to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, via FCInterNews.

Juventus coach Allegri recently made his views known on the Serie A title race between his team and Inter.

The Bianconeri boss described the dynamic between the two teams as a game of “cops and robbers.”

Allegri stressed how, in his view, it’s natural that with one team leading, the other will be in the position of “pursuing” or “chasing” as their rivals.

The Juventus coach is well-known for his coy personality, and is not above a bit of mind games.

And there seemed to be an element of that in his remarks.

Allegri framed the title race in a way that did not hide the fact that his team are trying to hunt down the Nerazzurri. But he made it out to be almost like a children’s game.

Inter Coach Simone Inzaghi Not Responding To Max Allegri Jibes

As far as whether he felt that Allegri was trying to provoke or play mind games, Inzaghi replied, “No, no.”

“I think these are very normal dialectics in football without any ulterior motive.”

Inzaghi said that “What I can say is that the title race is turning into a brilliant head-to-head between Inter and Juventus.”

“And I don’t want to forget Milan, who are only a few points behinds us.”

As far as the Inter coach is concerned, there was no offense taken.

Asked whether Allegri’s word bothered him, Inzaghi replied that “Honestly, they left me indifferent.”

“I’m focusing on the pitch,” he continued.

“At the matches we’re playing, the packed fixture list.”

And of the special emotions of facing his old team Lazio tomorrow, Inzaghi replied “It’s normal.”

“It’s been three years since I left. But it’s still a match unlike any other.”

The Inter coach noted that “I spent more than twenty years in Rome,” as a player and then as a coach of the Biancocelesti.