Inter Milan could earn even more by winning the Supercoppa Italiana this year than they did in the last edition of the competition.

Today’s print edition of Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, via FCInterNews, report that the total prize money up for grabs for the Nerazzurri against Napoli tomorrow will be around €8 million.

Last season, Inter brought in around €7.5 million by beating AC Milan in the Supercoppa Italiana.

That match, as with this season’s edition of the competition, took place in Riyadh. But there was a crucial difference.

Last season’s Supercoppa was just a one-off match.

That is the way that the Supercoppa has always been up until this season. Inter have plenty of history in the competition as a one-off match, including beating Juventus and Inter for the most recent trophy.

This time around, however, the format has expanded.

The Supercoppa is now a four-team mini-tournament, similar to the Spanish Super Cup.

Inter and Napoli have advanced to the final by beating Lazio and Fiorentina respectively.

Inter Could Earn €8M By Beating Napoli In Supercoppa

As part of the deal for the expanded Supercoppa format with the Saudi organizers, the Lega Serie A will bring in a significantly higher total amount of money.

The league will earn around €92 million.

A significant portion of this, naturally, will be distributed among the teams.

Each of the sixteen teams who did not participate in the Supercoppa will earn around €2.5 million.

And then both beaten semifinalists, Fiorentina and Lazio, will earn €3.2 million.

Whichever of Inter or Napoli fails to win tomorrow’s match will earn €4 million.

And then the winner of the competition will earn €8 million.

The Lega Serie A will also pay around €2.5 million in taxes on the payment they receive from the Saudi organizers.

And then there will be €1 million in commissions. And lastly, the league will keep €2 million of the payment in their own coffers.