Goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano feels that it was absurd to give a penalty to Fiorentina in their Serie A match against Inter Milan.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster TVPlay, via FCInter1908, Viviano launched into an attack on the decision to award a spot kick for goalkeeper Yann Sommer’s contact on M’Bala Nzola.

The penalty given to Fiorentina in yesterday evening’s Serie A match against Inter has certainly divided opinions.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that Nerazzurri keeper Sommer got to the ball first.

But on the other hand, the Swiss international absolutely clattered into Fiorentina striker Nzola with the follow-through.

The question seems to be whether Sommer has the right to go for the aerial ball even if it means recklessly making contact with the opponent.

Initially, referee Gianluca Aureliano sided with the keeper. He saw that Sommer had punched the ball clear and didn’t award a foul.

But then, after consulting with the VAR, Aureliano went over to his pitchside monitor.

And it only took the referee a quick look at the replay to decide that the contact on Nzola was too heavy not to award a penalty. Regardless of whether Sommer had won the ball or not.

For his part, though, 38-year-old Ascoli and former Inter and Fiorentina keeper Viviano cannot see the logic of this at all.

Viviano Baffled That Fiorentina Awarded Penalty Vs Inter

For his part, Viviano has never hidden his sympathies for Fiorentina.

The 38-year-old is a Florence native and a die-hard fan of La Viola.

But nevertheless, Viviano was baffled to see his team get a penalty for the incident involving Sommer and Viviano.

In fact, he also feels that the Fiorentina penalty in the first half was hardly worth a spot kick.

“There are no penalties there,” Viviano argued.

“Neither the one that was given, nor the one that wasn’t given.”

“It’s normal for Sommer to make contact with Nzola. He takes the ball first.”

“You can see very clearly that Sommer takes the ball,” Viviano continued. “And then he takes out Nzola.”

“But these are normal things to happen. Otherwise what’s the goalkeeper going to do, just disappear?”

“If Sommer hesitates, then it’s given as a foul on the keeper. So how the f*ck is that a penalty?” Viviano fumed.

And the former keeper also argued that “The first incident also isn’t a penalty. The one from Bastoni on Ranieri.”