Milan Mayor Beppe Sala has hinted at a possible plan to keeper Inter Milan and AC Milan playing at the San Siro.

Speaking at the presentation of plans to renovate the stadium, via FCInterNews, the Mayor suggested that the city could sell the surface rights to the stadium to one or both of the clubs.

At the moment, things certainly look as though Inter and Milan are planning to build new stadiums outside of Milan.

The two clubs had been pursuing plans to replace the San Siro for several years.

However, amid constant bureaucratic roadblocks, the clubs eventually decided to turn to alternative plans.

Inter are moving towards building in the Rozzano area. and Milan have settled on the commune of San Donato.

However, Milan Mayor Sala is still holding out hope that there would be a possible to keep the clubs at the San Siro.

Milan Mayor Suggests Plan To Keep Inter & AC Milan At San Siro

Sala explained that “The cost of the San Siro for the municipality and for the Milanese is around €100 million.”

“If there were interest from both clubs, or just one, we would be open to solutions,” he continued.

Sala noted that “The first hypothesis would be that [the city] carry out the renovations.”

“The second hypothesis would be that we could participate in the works via a partnership.”

And “The third (and most sensible) hypothesis would be to sell the stadium in the form of surface rights.”

Sala noted that “We consider that to be the most interesting, because the capitalization from the stadium is something important for the teams.”

“And because, with the renovations managed by a private individual, the redevelopment could be quicker.”

The Milan Mayor also noted that “The asset value of €100 million does not mean that the teams would necessarily have to give the city €100 million.”