Milano Mayor Beppe Sala expects to hear from Inter Milan and AC Milan about the stadium situation next week.

Speaking to reporters, via FCInterNews, the Mayor updated on the dialogue between the city and the two clubs regarding a new stadium.

Inter and Milan are, to all appearances, going full speed ahead with plans to build new stadiums separately, and outside of the city of Milano.

However, the city’s Mayor hasn’t entirely given up on the possibility of one or both of the clubs staying.

There remain big hurdles.

The bureaucratic delays to the clubs’ plans to replace the San Siro seem to have caused both to decisively lose patience with the prospect of staying within the city proper.

But Milano Mayor Sala still expects there to be further dialogues.

Sala: Expecting Further Communication With Inter & AC Milan Next Week

“I will send a letter to Milan,” Sala said.

“And ask for information from Inter, as was done on Thursday February first, after the commission in which the Municipality of Milan, a proposal to renovate the San Siro stadium was illustrated.”

Sala noted that “It was a necessary act because at this point Milan have made an official act.”

“Or at least the Municipality of San Donato has done so,” he said, referring to the area where the Rossoneri have taken steps.

“I will call them very soon,” Sala said. “We will definitely meet next week.”

“In reality, we’re talking,” the Mayor went on.

“Relations are very good. Evidently at this point it’s up to them to express interest.”

“At least, for them to study the San Siro dossier. Then there is the question of whether the renovations can be done without closing the stadium.”

“I understand that if that can’t be done then it could be too difficult for them,” he added.

“But if it could then it could become more attractive for the clubs.”