Inter Milan midfielder Nicolo Barella has won praise for his performance in the midfield battle against Adrien Rabiot of Juventus.

The player ratings for the match were positive towards the 26-year-old in Italian media, as L’Interista highlight. The performance directly against Rabiot was highlighted.

Barella was not necessarily the most eye-catching midfielder for Inter on Sunday.

It was Hakan Calhanoglu who really stole the show with his performance in the regista position.

But part of the reason that Barella’s performance didn’t really stand out was that he has set a standard such that these kinds of displays are now just what is expected of him.

It was a tough match for a midfielder to thrive in. But the former Cagliari man still more than kept a foothold in the midfield battle.

Nicolo Barella Praised For Outshining Adrien Rabiot In Midfield Battle

Barella was directly up against Juventus midfielder Rabiot for much of yesterday’s match.

The former Paris Saint-Germain man was back in the Bianconeri midfield after missing a couple of matches through injury.

Rabiot is often the player who is key for Juventus in central areas.

The Frenchman’s physicality makes him a formidable opponent for anyone to come up against.

At his best, Rabiot can stride past almost any marker with the ball. And with his large frame and boundless energy, the 28-year-old is perfectly capable of denying space in which to play.

That has made Rabiot an important player in the system of current Juventus coach Max Allegri.

And the Frenchman did what he could to play his usual role yesterday.

But it was Inter’s Barella who looked like the hungrier and more intense of the two midfielders.

Moreover, the Nerazzurri had several deft touches and dribbles which allowed him to escape the pressure from his Juventus opposite number.

It was Barella who showed his quality in the final third as well, something Rabiot was unable to properly do.