Rather than thinking about the San Siro, Inter Milan are firm in plans to construct a new stadium similar to that of Tottenham Hotspur.

This according to Italian news outlet Gazzetta.it.

The past few days have seen a bit of politics played regarding the future of the San Siro.

Milan Mayor Beppe Sala has indicated that he still believes that Inter could end up making the existing stadium their home for the future, with renovations.

In the case of AC Milan, that now looks completely off the table. The Rossoneri have moved firmly in the direction of building a brand new structure in the commune of San Donato.

But Sala has continue to state publicly that he expects more talks with the clubs. And particularly that he hasn’t given up on the prospect of Inter staying at the San Siro.

No San Siro – Inter Committed To Plans To New Stadium Similar To Tottenham Hotspur

But the Gazzetta confirm that Inter have only one idea regarding their future.

The Nerazzurri see building a new stadium as the only way forward.

Given the prohibition on demolishing the existing San Siro – something that has pushed both Inter and Milan away from plans to replace the stadium – they see no possibility of plans in the area.

So Inter are committing themselves fully to plans in the Rozzano area.

And the Nerazzurri have already taken several formal steps in that direction.

Inter may not have purchased the land in order to do so as Milan have done with their own proposed stadium.

However, the Nerazzurri have gained the exclusive right to conduct a feasibility study in the area.

And that is exactly what Inter have been doing. Moreover they have already officially presented plans to the commune of Rozzano.

As the Gazzetta note, Inter’s plan is to build a stadium similar to the one which Tottenham Hotspur currently play in.

That structure, which the London club constructed over the last decade, is a large oval-shaped stadium with columns.

Inter have a similar vision for their own new stadium.

And Inter feel that if they can secure final approval to begin construction in the first half of 2025, then they could begin playing in the new stadium for the start of the 2028-29 season.