Inter Milan owners Suning are reportedly willing to raise the interest rate if it means pushing back the deadline to repay the Oaktree loan.

This issue has been a looming shadow over the club in the past months, as the ownership’s future remains uncertain.

In May 2021, Suning took a loan worth 275 million euros from US-based investment group Oaktree Capital.

The Chinese company must repay the full amount in addition to its interest rate by the 20th of May 2024.

With time running out, Inter president Steven Zhang has been searching for a solution that prevents him from relinquishing his company’s majority shares in the club.

While refinancing the debt remains a suggestion, the Chinese businessman is now seeking to postpone the deadline, as we reported yesterday.

Today’s edition of Tuttosport (via FcInterNews) weighs in on this story.

The Turin-based newspaper believes that Suning are willing to accept a higher interest rate as they look to convince Oaktree to delay the expiry date.

The source believes that the club’s owners feel they have the means to cover all additional expenses if given time.

That’s mainly because the club’s incomes are on the rise.

Inter Milan Owners Suning Would Accept Higher Interest Rate To Postpone Oaktree Loan Deadline

As the report tells it, Inter collected 100 million euros from UEFA prize money alone in 2022/23. This season, they have already guaranteed 63M after reaching the competition’s Round of 16.

The Nerazzurri can also count on another 80 million this season from domestic matchday income.

Moreover, the Serie A giants should earn around 60 million from their participation in the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup.

On top of that, Suning have yet to use 100M from the 275M sum lent from Oaktree.