AC Milan have floated the idea of building a stadium together with Inter Milan in the commune of San Donato.

This according to Italian news agency ANSA, via FCInter1908. The Agency reports that Inter are cool on the idea. The Nerazzurri prefer moving forward with their own plans in the Rozzano area.

Recent weeks have seen Inter and Milan very much drift away from the idea of building a new stadium in tandem.

The clubs had for several years worked towards plans in tandem. Their intention had been to build a new stadium in place of the San Siro.

But the continual bureaucratic delays, and eventual injunction against demolishing the existing San Siro, pushed the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri in another direction.

Each of the two clubs has been working towards their own plans.

Both Inter and Milan have been making progress in areas outside of the city of Milano proper, but within the greater metropolitan area.

AC Milan Float Joint Stadium With Inter In San Donato Area

For Milan, the commune of San Donato has been the chosen location for a new project.

Meanwhile, Inter have been working in the commune of Rozzano.

The Nerazzurri have already formally presented their plans to the municipality of Rozzano. They have the exclusive right to conduct a feasibility study.

The Rossoneri, meanwhile, have actually gone as far as purchasing land on which to prospectively build in San Donato.

Milano Mayor Beppe Sala has continued to hope that the two clubs would reconsider, and work with the city to have at least one of the two stay in a revamped San Siro.

But both clubs have been taking significant steps towards their new projects.

According to ANSA, however, a potentially sensational twist was proposed by Milan. The agency reports that the Roossoneri sounded out the idea of Inter building a new shared stadium in San Donato together with them.

This took place around the time in which the two clubs, as well as Juventus, were involved in discussions with the Lega Serie A to reduce the league to eighteen teams.

The fact that there was an open line of communication between Inter and Milan executives at all was something of a novel development.

Inter President Steven Zhang and his Milan counterpart Gerry Cardinale have had an extremely frosty relationship and hardly spoken for more than a year.

In any event, though, ANSA report that Inter have shown little interest in building a shared stadium in San Donato.

That area would come with problems of its own, in the view of the Nerazzurri.

And Inter have already made significant progress in Rozzano. That is now the plan that they have fully committed themselves to.