This season’s Inter Milan are “unlike anything Serie A has seen” – but will still have to keep their feet on the ground in the coming weeks.

This is the view in today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews.

Inter are nine points clear at the top of the Serie A table at the moment. And that is with a game in hand on rivals Juventus.

At the end of the day, that is the one number that really matters from a Nerazzurri perspective.

Results are what’s important, and they have favoured Inter.

In recent weeks, the gap has widened, moreover.

But, the Gazzetta argues, there is far more than just the points total that marks this Inter team as special.

If the Nerazzurri have dropped just nine points all season, 24 matches in, that is absolutely no coincidence.

Inter have a goal difference of +47 at this stage. They have scored 58 goals, averaging well over a goal per match.

Inter’s goal difference would already be the fifth-best in a historical Serie A season.

The football that the Nerazzurri are currently playing has marked them out not just as ahead of the pack this season, but something special in historical terms, the Gazzetta contends.

Inter Must Still Keep Feet On The Ground In Serie A

But the Gazzetta also includes some words of caution for Inter.

The Nerazzurri still have fourteen more matches to negotiate. And the gap that they enjoy at the top could all but evaporate in the space of two or three bad weeks.

That has already happened to Inter under Simone Inzaghi, at least to an extent.

The Nerazzurri had enjoyed what looked like a commanding position at the top of the table during the 2021-22 season before throwing it all away.

But at the same time, this Inter seem to be something different.

The football that Inzaghi’s team have produced has been at a new level.

So if Inter can stay humble and keep working in the same way they have been all season, then it could be all but impossible to catch them.