Wingback Tajon Buchanan showed the dribbling x-factor he can offer Inter Milan in his debut against Salernitana.

This is the view in today’s print edition of Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport, via FCInterNews, who highlight the one-on-one spark from the Canadian international.

It would not necessarily be easy to find weaknesses in this Inter squad. But if the Nerazzurri have lacked something, it is a real one-on-one dribbling threat.

Inter tend to use quick passing interchanges in order to break down defenses.

And this is an approach that has served the Nerazzurri well. By and large.

The Inter squad is full of players who have a combination of passing range, vision, first touch, and the ability to make incisive runs into space to become passing options.

But the lack of a player with the ability take on and beat opponents, has made Inter look one-dimensional at times.

Tajon Buchanan Shows One-On-One Threat In Inter Debut

Dribbling is one of the qualities that has really marked 25-year-old former Club Brugge man Buchanan out.

The Canadian has deft feet and balance. He can also combine this with a sudden change of pace and direction to get past a marker in a flash.

That is certainly one of the reasons that Inter targeted Buchanan. The 25-year-old was a long-term target for the Nerazzurri.

Reports suggest Buchanan could be the player to add a dimension to Inter’s attack with his dribbling.

And that appeared to be the instruction given to the Canadian on his debut.

Coming on in the closing stages, Buchanan played on the left flank rather than his customary right side.

But this allowed the 25-year-old to show his ability to cut inside.

Both in wide areas and in the penalty area, Buchanan was not shy to try and use a bit of skill and pace to leave a Salernitana in his dust.

Buchanan even nearly won a penalty for his efforts.

If this is the kind of quality that the Canadian international will be bringing to Inter’s attack on a regular basis, it could give an entirely new weapon to an attack that has already looked close to unstoppable in Serie A.