Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi feels that whilst the season so far has been excellent, the rest has to be at the same level.

The Nerazzurri boss spoke about the team’s ambitions in a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League match against Atletico Madrid, as reported by FCInterNews.

Tomorrow, Inter face an important turning point in their season.

So far, the campaign has largely been an exemplary one for the Nerazzurri.

Inter have exited the Coppa Italia early. But that is the one real blemish or disappointment.

Otherwise, the Nerazzurri are in dominant form in Serie A, nine points clear at the top of the table with a game in hand.

Add the Supercoppa Italiana to that, and qualification for the Champions League knockouts for the third consecutive season, and it has the feeling of a potentially great season.

But other than the Supercoppa, Inter haven’t actually won a trophy yet.

And in Europe, it is the knockout stages. Where every round is filled with peril.

Starting with tomorrow’s showdown with a very formidable Atletico side.

Inter Coach Inzaghi Looks Ahead To Atletico Madrid Tie

On facing Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone, a former teammate, Inzaghi said that “Tomorrow it will be a pleasure to meet Diego again as an opponent.”

“He was a great teammate,” the coach continued.

“He went back to Spain. But we never lost touch.”

“It was clear he would become a great coach,” Inzaghi said of his Atletico opposite number.

“Just look at what he did with Atletico.”

“He has won a lot as a, coach and beyond the impact he gives to his teams it’s a pleasure to see Atletico play.”

As far as what he wants from his team, Inzaghi said that “We know what we did last season.”

“We experienced some magical nights. And we would like to do so once again.”

“But we know that there are other great teams who want to do the same.”

“Tomorrow we face top opposition,” Inzaghi said.

“I’ve seen Atletico play in their last four matches.”

“They’ve changed 22-23 players, and the team remained the same.”

“They are very well-coached. They’ll be a tough opponent in this round,m but we will play well.”

“Tomorrow is the first match in 180 minutes of football,” Inzaghi noted.

“It will have a great atmosphere. We’ll need to play like the real Inter.”

As far as what he expects from tomorrow’s match, Inzaghi said that “It’s not easy to predict. Because they’ve made so many changes in their last few matches.”

“They were very aggressive in the Super Cup semifinal against Real Madrid. They play more in possession, they have great technical ability, top-quality players.”

“I have no certainties,” Inzaghi admitted. “We know that we’re up against a great team with a coach who’s given them a great mentality.”

Inter Coach Inzaghi Believes In Squad Rotation

As far as squad rotation, and the lack of it in recent weeks, Inzaghi noted that “Last year we did very well in the last three months by making eight or nine changes at a time.”

“But I had everyone available [against Salernitana]. So that seemed like the best solution.”

“Against Salernitana, we had six days since the match against Roma. And we’ve had four before tomorrow.”

“We know that at times that this will have to change, because we’ll have matches every 72 hours and that can cause us problems.”

“In the league, we were a point back twenty days ago. And now we’re nine points clear.”

“We know how easy it is for everything to change,” Inzaghi said.

“We have to remain very focused. Not looking at dates off in the distance, but at the upcoming match.”

“We’re thinking one match at a time,” Inzaghi said. “And then hoping for as few injuries as possible, because it’s easier to play just once a week.”

“But the guys always do well in training. And then we closely monitor their fitness. I have to make choices that are never easy.”

“But the players have always put themselves totally at my disposal,” the Inter coach said.

Inzaghi anticipated that tomorrow’s match will be “Like the one against Porto last year.”

“A very determined team, Porto. Another coach who was a teammate of mine, and the first leg at home.”

“It will be a very difficult round of sixteen,” Inzaghi said.

“We know that there will be moments where we have more possession, and then some for them as well. But this team has grown, and it’s doing an excellent job.”

Inter Coach Inzaghi – ‘Need To Maintain Same Level As Last Six Months’

As far as being among the favourites for the Champions League this season, Inzaghi said that “It could be the logical consequence of how this team is playing.”

“But as I said, we just have to keep training and playing the way we have for the last six months.”

“The last three will be what matter most,” the Nerazzurri coach said.

“We’ll see what happens in the end,” Inzaghi continued.

“But this team has certainties and principles of play.”

“We have many matches. Many challenges, which we have to face in the best way possible.”

In terms of tomorrow’s match, Inzaghi noted that “We’ve known what we’re in for for over two months.”

“So there’s been a lot of time to watch them.”

“We know how good they are, compared to the group stage matches two or three months ago. And we know how hard the matches to come will be.”

Inzaghi called Atletico “An intense, physical team with both quantity and quality. They have great players in every position, and a deep squad.”

“Diego, lias with ke me tomorrow, can choose the best eleven.”

Can Alexis Sanchez Contribute More?

Inzaghi also spoke about the situation of forward Alexis Sanchez, who has been used relatively rarely this season.

“Right now Lautaro and Thuram are playing more,” the coach said.

“But I’m happy with not just them, also with Arnautovic and Sanchez.”

“They’re training at their best. And when they’ve been called into action they’ve given us a big hand.”

“Arnautovic played Lecce and Genoa and did very well,” Inzaghi said,

“Sanchez scored a vital goal against Salzburg.”

“Arnautovic coming on in Rome gave us the goal to make it 4-2,” the Nerazzurri coach noted.

“They have to keep going like this.”

“Once we’re playing every three days, they’ll get more playing time. But even so far, they’ve been invaluable for us.”