Inter Milan President Steven Zhang has little interest in building a shared stadium in San Donato with AC Milan.

Today’s print edition of Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport, via FCInterNews, report that the Nerazzurri President feels that there are more problems in the San Donato area than in Rozzano.

Recent reports have revealed a potential twist in the new stadium situation in Milano.

A report from Italian news agency ANSA yesterday indicated that AC Milan have offered the possibility of building a new stadium jointly with Inter in the commune of San Donato.

Previously, the two clubs had been working on building jointly within the city. They would aim to replace the San Siro.

But after bureaucratic obstacles made that impossible, the clubs went their separate ways.

Rather than aiming to move shared plans to a different locations, Inter and Milan have each been working towards plans to build stadiums separately, rather than one to share like the San Siro.

Milan have been focusing on San Donato. They recently purchased the land to construct a stadium.

Meanwhile, Inter have already formally presented plans in the commune of Rozzano. They have also been preparing a feasibility study.

Why Inter Have Rejected AC Milan Offer Of Jointly Building Stadium In Rozzano

Tuttosport confirm the report from ANSA that Milan have reached out to Inter.

The Rossoneri floated the idea of the two clubs building a stadium jointly in Rozzano in a phone call in mid-January, according to the newspaper.

But Inter showed little interest.

The reason for this, Tuttosport reports, is that Inter President Zhang believes that there would be too many potential issues with San Donato.

The Nerazzurri President sees Rozzano as the ideal location.

That is the area that Inter had selected to begin with. And that is the one in which they have been working on plans of their own.

Therefore, Tuttosport anticipate, Zhang and Inter have little interest in any plans in San Donato.