Legendary former Inter Milan captain Beppe Berhomi has bid farewell to a departed former teammate, German icon Andreas Brehme.

The former defender spoke to Gazzetta.it to look back on his former Nerazzurri teammate and friend. Bergomi also recalled Brehme on Sky Sport Italia, crying in reaction to the loss of his friend.

The unexpected and untimely passing of former Inter, Kaiserslautern, and Bayern Munich defender Brehme has left a big impact on the world of football.

And naturally, some of those that the news has hit the hardest are those who the German played alongside.

Brehme played for Inter for four years, between 1988 and 1992. And there, he made a significant impression.

The iconic German became a fan favourite. But beyond that, he also formed lifelong friendships with other players from that legendary squad.

One is Bergomi, longtime Inter captain, who was part of the team when Brehme joined.

The two may have stopped being teammates more than thirty years ago. But their friendship always remained after that.

Inter Legend Bergomi Pays Tribute To Andreas Brehme

“Andi was a true friend and teammate,” Bergomi said after learning of Brehme’s passing.

“A wonderful person on and off the pitch.”

Bergomi admitted that “We had a special friendship. I was very close to him.”

“We will miss him a lot,” the former Inter captain lamented.

“I was meant to see him a few days ago, for the match between Inter and Salernitana,” Bergomi continued.

“He usually always gets in touch the day before a match. But this time he didn’t call.”

“I didn’t know anything about what his condition was,” the former defender said. “The talk is of it being a cardiac arrest.”

“I can only say that he was a true friend and teammate, a great person both on and off the pitch.”

“I was very close to him,” Bergomi said. “Even after being teammates. Later in our careers.”

“There were many foreign players who came to Inter. But with him there was a special relationship.”

Bergomi looked back that “He had a house on the lake in Bardolino. He came to Italy often.”

“He would call me and I’d join him there, we’d spend time together.”

Bergomi also spoke to Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia to react to Brehme’s passing. He tearfully said that “We’ll miss him greatly.”