And Inter Milan and AC Milan remain cold on the idea of playing in a renovated San Siro rather than building a new stadium.

This according to today’s print edition of Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport, via FCInterNews. The newspaper confirms that the clubs will meet with the Mayor of Milan tomorrow.

Yesterday, Inter Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello said that Milan Mayor Beppe Sala had scheduled a meeting with representatives of Inter and Milan tomorrow.

The subject of the meeting will be the future of the stadium in the city.

Antonello made Inter’s priority clear. The Nerazzurri are going full speed ahead on plans to build a stadium in the commune of Rozzano.

Meanwhile, the Rossoneri are similarly inclined. They have already purchased land in the commune of San Donato on which to build a stadium.

Inter & AC Milan Remain Cold On Renovated San Siro Idea

But Milan Mayor Sala has other ideas. He hopes to convince Inter and Milan to reconsider.

The Mayor is aiming to advance plans for renovating the San Siro with a “fourth tier” in the stands.

This would prospectively be between the first and second tiers of the existing stadium.

Such a tier would hypothetically be used for more hospitality and corporate accommodations.

In theory, that could address the concerns that are motivating Inter and Milan to try and update their stadium situations.

The problem for the clubs as things stand is that the San Siro cannot generate the same level of revenues as the stadiums that other top European clubs play in.

And the reason for this is a relative lack of corporate and hospitality accommodations.

The clubs had been planning to demolish the San Siro and build a more modern stadium that can generate higher revenues together.

And then bureaucratic delays and an injunction against tearing down the stadium put a halt to that plan. So Inter and Milan began to pursue plans in other areas.

But Sala hopes that the idea of renovating the San Siro could convince the clubs to stay at the San Siro, even if they cannot demolish it.

However, Tuttosport reports, this ideas is not currently convincing to the clubs. The Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri remain firm in their plans.