The city council of Milano released an official statement in the aftermath of a summit with Inter Milan and AC Milan officials to discuss San Siro renovation plans.

As we reported earlier today, Milano Mayor Giuseppe Sala held a meeting this morning with representatives from both clubs (Inter Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello and Milan president Paolo Scaroni).

While the two clubs have recently embarked on separate paths, with each trying to build its a new stadium, Sala is trying to promote a project that keeps them at the Giuseppe Meazza.

Local authorities have prevented the clubs from demolishing the San Siro to build a modern stadium in its stead. However, the city council is trying to work around the restraint, devising a plan to renovate the venue.

After the meeting, the council released a statement revealing the highlights of the summit.

“The parties have agreed on the following measures. Webuild SpA will collaborate with the parties to draft a feasibility study. It must be delivered in three months,” explains the official note via FcInterNews.

“The teams will set the guidelines for a possible project to build a more modern and efficient stadium.

“Afterwards, the municipal administration and the clubs will verify the possibility and ways to proceed.”

“The Club representatives reiterated the need to protect the possible loss of capacity of the stadium during construction works.

City Council Reveals The Highlights Of The San Siro Renovation Plans Following Meeting With Inter & Milan

“The works must therefore be compatible with the calendar to avoid economic damage, but above all to maintain an engaging, safe and comfortable experience for spectators. This includes sporting and entertainment events.

“The project will consider urban developments in the San Siro area, in particular for its redevelopment.

“The stadium would become the property of the two clubs.”

Nevertheless, the statement admitted that the two clubs will continue to explore their alternative options. This is a reference to Inter’s stadium project in Rozzano, and Milan’s San Donato plans.

“The Mayor noted that the teams will continue to explore existing alternative possibilities, with the hope, however, that the San Siro plans will quickly lead to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties.”