Inter Milan and AC Milan want a clear timeline for becoming owners of the San Siro if they are to stay in the stadium.

Today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper La Repubblica, via FCInterNews, report that the clubs have made their demands clear to the city of Milan. The city would want around €100 million for the stadium.

Yesterday, representatives of Inter and AC Milan met with Milan Mayor Beppe Sala.

The subject of the meeting was to discuss Sala’s desire to keep the two clubs at the San Siro.

The Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri have both been pursuing alternate plans.

The two clubs have all but abandoned their initial plans of replacing the San Siro. Both clubs have been working to build new stadiums on their own.

But while the San Siro cannot be demolished due to an injunction, Sala hopes that an ambitious renovation project could convince the clubs to stay at the existing stadium.

According to La Repubblica, Inter and Milan are still largely cold on the idea.

And the clubs have set out a key demand in the event that they do decide to stay at the existing stadium.

Inter & AC Milan Want To Own San Siro Within Ten Years Should They Stay

At the moment, Inter and Milan do not own the San Siro.

Rather, the two clubs rent the stadium from the municipality.

This allows the clubs a place to play, and gate receipt revenues. But it also limits the ability of the two clubs to monetize the stadium.

That is among the key reasons why the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri have been pushing to update their stadium situation.

And if the clubs were to open up to the idea of playing at the San Siro into the future, they would want a guarantee of owning the stadium within ten years.

If Inter and Milan were to purchase the San Siro, the municipality of Milan would want around €100 million.

Meanwhile, the clubs would expect to pay less. The reason for this is the prospective drop in the value of the stadium were they to leave to play elsewhere.

La Repubblica also report that Inter Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello and Milan President Paolo Scaroni met and spoke over coffee after yesterday’s meeting.

The two executives discussed prospective cooperation on new stadium plans.

The Rossoneri have been floating the idea of bringing Inter into their plans in the commune of San Donato.

Meanwhile, La Repubblica report, Inter would want to bring their city rivals with them to Rozzano.