Inter Milan President Steven Zhang has given his response to Milan Mayor Beppe Sala regarding plans to renovate the San Siro.

Italian news service ANSA, via FCInterNews, report that the Nerazzurri President expressed an openness to the idea of staying at a renovated San Siro in a phone call, but only on specific conditions.

Milan Mayor Sala has been hoping to convince Inter and AC Milan at the San Siro.

The two clubs have been working on plans to move away from the existing stadium.

The Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri had initially hoped to demolish the San Siro and then build a more modern stadium in its place.

But, after bureaucratic hurdles made this plan impossible, the clubs have moved their plans.

Inter have been working on plans to build a new stadium in Rozzano. Meanwhile, Milan have been focusing their efforts on San Donato.

The clubs’ stance has been clear to date: they feel that the San Siro is not suitable to their needs.

The reason for this is that the existing stadium cannot generate the same kind of matchday revenues as the more lucrative stadiums of the biggest clubs in Europe.

So Inter and Milan have been aiming to move to new stadiums one way or the other.

But Sala has been working on an alternative solution.

Inter President Zhang Responds To Renovated San Siro Plans

Milan Mayor Sala has been working on the possibility of renovating the San Siro.

Italian industrial development firm WeBuild have been Sala’s choice to design renovation plans.

The idea would be to build a new tier that would allow for more corporate and hospitality seating. This would enable Inter and Milan to improve matchday revenues.

ANSA report that Sala and Zhang spoke in a phone call today.

The subject of the call was the Mayor’s renovation plans for the San Siro.

And according to ANSA, the Inter President did not completely close the door to these plans.

The news service report that, as with AC Milan, the Nerazzurri are keeping the idea of staying in San Siro with adequate renovations open, along with their alternative plans.

But Zhang made Inter’s conditions clear to Sala.

Firstly, of course, the feasibility of WeBuild’s plans must be demonstrated.

And then, the clubs must have a guarantee that they will be able to continue to play in the stadium during the renovations.

And lastly, Inter and Milan both expect that they would be able to purchase the San Siro from the city of Milan rather than just renting the facility from the municipality as they currently do.