Simone Inzaghi has won plaudits for his “joystick” control of Inter Milan in their Serie A win over Lecce on Sunday.

L’Interista highlight the positive scores for the Nerazzurri coach across Italian media. The degree to which the players clearly understood the 47-year-old’s tactical ideas was a key factor.

Inzaghi set out a heavily-rotated starting eleven to face Lecce.

The coach made a total of seven changes to the team that had beaten Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.

The risk of these kinds of changes is always that the team can lack some of the “second nature” fluency of the starting eleven.

And in the opening stages, there was a bit of that. The Inter team did not quite have the usual fluidity and compactness that has characterized them under Inzaghi.

But it did not take the Nerazzurri too long to start to find their rhythm,

And once they did, Inzaghi’s fingerprints were all over the team on the pitch.

Simone Inzaghi Praised For “Joystick” Control Of Inter Vs Lecce

Inzaghi’s tactical vision is always clear in the way that his teams play on the pitch.

Since his time in charge of Lazio, the 47-year-old has used the same formation – 3-5-2.

And no matter which players happen to be in the lineup, the general idea remains the same.

Inzaghi is a coach who demands quick movement from one end of the pitch to the other. There is little in the way of possession for possession’s sake.

And that was in evidence in the way that Inter played against Lecce.

At first, Inter struggled to find their rhythm. This was due to the tight Lecce marking which denied the Nerazzurri players time and space on the ball, and clear passing options.

But as the match wore on, Inter found solutions.

The players were able to use interchanges in position to create overloads that the Lecce pressing could stop. And this allowed the team to move the ball forward dangerously and at pace.

After a while, it started to feel like Inzaghi was directly controlling the movements of the players on the pitch, so quickly did they execute his plan.