Inter Milan will hold an investor meeting tomorrow, with updates on the situation between Suning and Oaktree likely.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews, who report that the video call will take place tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow Inter will hold a conference call to discuss the club’s most recent financial data with investors.

The main topic of the meeting will be financial results between July 1st and December 31st of last year.

However, that may not be all that’s on the agenda.

As the Corriere notes, there will also be the very significant matter of Inter’s future at the corporate level.

Inter Investors Meeting Tomorrow – Update On Suning & Oaktree Expected

Nerazzurri investors will naturally also want to receive further clarification regarding the situation between Suning and Oaktree.

Current Inter owners Suning have yet to formally announce what they plan to do regarding the loan that they took on from US-based fund Oaktree Capital in 2021.

The due date for that loan is in May of this year. And theoretically, control of the club would pass into the hands of Oaktree were Suning to default.

That fact has loomed over Inter behind the scenes for some time.

And the deadline is only getting closer by the day.

However, recent reports have suggested that Suning are getting close to finding a solution.

Widespread reports that there are negotiations ongoing between the Inter owners and Oaktree to find an agreement on an extension of the deadline of the loan.

An agreement of this kind would mean that Suning maintain control of Inter.

So far, however, the Inter owners and club directors have not made any statements regarding these reports.

Such official word could come in tomorrow’s meeting, however. This would certainly be the hope of Nerazzurri’s investors.