Former Serie A referee Luca Marelli believes the match official made the right decision when disallowing the Atalanta goal against Inter Milan.

Simone Inzaghi’s men eventually brushed aside their fellow Lombardians by four unanswered goals at San Siro.

Matteo Darmian, Lautaro Martinez, Federico Dimarco and Davide Frattesi were all on target.

Nevertheless, the match could have taken a different turn had the visitors’ early goal stood.

AC Milan loanee Charles De Ketelaere thought he had scored the opener early in the match. However, VAR invited referee Andrea Colombo to review the play on the monitor.

The match official then decided to rule out the goal due to an attacking handball on Aleksei Miranchuk in the buildup.

While some suggested that Colombo should have instead awarded a spot kick due to a challenge from Alessandro Bastoni on the Russian forward, Marelli insists that the referee made the right call.

“There were several episodes in this match. Regarding the goal disallowed for Atalanta, we must evaluate Miranchuk’s handball,” said Marelli during his appearance on DAZN via FcInterNews.

“An on-field review is necessary. The referee must evaluate the punishability of the handball. This is why he decided to award the freekick to Inter.

“There is no dangerous play from Bastoni because he does not endanger the opponent.

“Bastoni’s leg is high but is not oriented towards the body of Miranchuk, but towards the arm which should not be in that position anyway.”

“At Inter’s 2-0, however, Carnesecchi complains about a possible handball on Dimarco. However, the handball was instead on Kolasinac. Carnesecchi probably thought it was the other way around, but it was a regular play.”

Luca Marelli Explains Why The Referee Made The Right Call On The Atalanta Disallowed Goal Vs Inter Milan

On another note, Marelli highlights the linesman mistake who prematurely raised his flag thinking the ball went outbounds just before Inter won a spot kick.

“On the Inter penalty, there was an error from the assistant because the ball never went out, so he shouldn’t have raised his flag.

“At a regulatory level, there is no problem because the game stops when the referee blows the whistle. However, the linesman’s flag has a psychological effect on the players. So he should have waited for the action to conclude.

“The ball did not go out. Dumfries recovered it. Hateboer’s extended arm increased his figure.

“As for the saved penalty, Dimarco scores on the rebound. We should note that at the moment when Lautaro Martinez kicks the ball, the projection of Dimarco’s right foot is inside the box.

“Nevertheless, to be encroachment, the foot had to be supported. But in this case, it wasn’t, which is why the goal is regular.”